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Competition 2024 edition

Registrations are now open!!!

Starbaby Belgium & Beautykids Belgium:

The prize: opening the doors to the world of fashion, gifts, toys, trips and a large sum of money for the winners.

For all children obtaining their place in the final, entry into the agency is guaranteed.

We promise you a fun and family adventure, so what are you waiting for? Join the adventure?

Registrations are open for all babies & children aged 0 to 14.

  • Complete the registration form on behalf of the participant.

  • Be sure to send us photos that are most representative of reality and therefore avoid Snapchat-style filtered photos, etc.

  • No selection criteria required.

After that?

Wait,  positive response or negative response will be communicated to you.


Child information

Sexe / Geslach
Pays / Land
Langues / Taal
Importer la photo
Importer la photo

Merci pour vous inscription! Vous recevrez une reponse rapidement par mail.

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