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Our two competitions:


  • Starbaby:  Competition for the most beautiful baby in Belgium from 0 to 3 years old based onr photogenics..

  • Beautykids: Competition for the most beautiful child and teenager from 4 to 14 years old.


Do you want to involve your child in this incredible human experience?

Nothing could be simpler, just fill out the online registration form.

Is your child selected?


From there, the adventure begins....

Firste step 

We will invite you to go to an agency with your little protégé,

THE registration feesof 25€  you will be asked, these cover administrative costs

+ 2 photos made on site by our professional teamels, who will be sent to you by email.


Semi final

The creation of a professional photo book is obligatory at this stage in order to visualize the rendering of your child in photos.

This is set at the price of130€.



An additional photo shoot will be mandatory in order to see the progress of your child, to obtain a complete shoot and to return to the agency.

This is set at the price of220€


This competition therefore remains very affordable financially.



Don't forget, the key is: Trips, many gifts,   entry into an Agency ect.

Good luck !



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