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Starbaby:   the most beautiful baby from 0 to 3 years old

Beautykids: THE most beautiful child and teenager from 4 to 14 years old


These competitions created in 2018 based on the photogenics of the childt the one and only officials in Belgium.

We invite you to be careful and not to be fooled by other unrecognized competitions.


The world of fashion is a magical world based on aesthetics which, nowadays, allows you to display your rank, your social group, and above all your personality. Even more so in the world of children, fashion takes on its full meaning.

These competitions aim to enable candidates to begin learning posture and expression from a very young age.They also allow them to take their first fashion photos advised and produced by a team of professionals.


The finalist candidates pass during the final in front of a jury made up of celebrities, psychologists, fashion and photography professionals.

These coCompetitions are organized in partnership with modeling agencies and children's clothing brands.

The results have been submitted to a bailiff for several years so that there is no favoritism or unpleasant surprises. We make it a point of honor to be 100% impartial.


With a growing reputation and enjoying growing interest from participants as well as numerous spectators, Starbaby & Beauty kids have their place more than ever in the Belgian modeling landscape.


Our concept and its powerful promotional impact attract hundreds of applications, parents and families.

And many partners associate their image with the dynamism and influence of our event.


The purpose of this competition is to open the doors to the largest international agencies based in Belgium.

This is in order to produce advertisements for magazines, TV spots, short films, films, etc.

Dhe experiences, each more incredible than the last, which also aims to make oneself known.

The culmination of these competitions for your child are above all about experiencing an exceptional and enriching and family adventure.


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